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In Delaware, PA we will be there in under 30 minutes if you require assistance in an urgent situation regarding locks or keys. We will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs as a customer and will work with your schedule to ensure that your day can be a breeze with the minimum amount of trouble.

We make sure that the client is updated at the right time and review the job. We are aware of the frustration of damaged or broken locks, which is why the most important thing you would like as a client is to get misled by timings. Therefore, you can be certain that when hiring Delaware County Locksmith you will receive the best standard of service.

The Delaware County Locksmiths team is meticulous in their work. However, to protect you we have adequate insurance to cover for liability. We believe this is enough to safeguard you from the worst of circumstances…

We’re sure and confident about the quality of services Delaware County Locksmiths can provide we are a firm believer in transparency, honesty, and the assurance of the highest quality.

Delaware County Locksmiths encourages our customers to give feedback. Feedback can be sent in any way and you can be sure you will get it reviewed and followed up with the proper manner.

Our Services

We're the ideal solution for all your lock-out issues in Delaware County PA

Residential Locks

We offer a wide range of locksmith services, including key locks for your home and car keys, so you do not have to be concerned about security ever again.

Business Premises Locks

Delaware County Locksmith offers different levels of security. We are experts in locksmith services for commercial companies of all sizes. We offer solutions for every property lock requirement.

Key-Less Entry Systems

Do you ever forget your keys or find it difficult to open the lock to open? Key-less Entry Systems are a best solution to these issues! Delaware County Locksmith can install Key-Less Entry Systems in any door you'd like.

Lockouts For Autos

Lockouts can happen and are the worst nightmare for drivers. Make sure you and your car are protected from this unfortunate situation when you call Delaware County Locksmith & Car Keys.

Key Fob Reprogramming

Delaware County locksmith is proud to provide an opportunity to reprogramme your key fob which has helped many from having to leave their vehicle. We can help you get through your tough situation today!

Quick Tips

Losing your keys is an unpleasant situation We're here to assist. Delaware County Locksmith has quick suggestions for those experiencing being locked out. We can fix the issue or provide advice on how to get into your home without causing damage to the property.

Delaware, PA

Delaware County colloquially referred to as Delco is a county within the U.S. state of Pennsylvania that shares a border with Philadelphia. Its population is 566,747 people, making it the fifth-most popular county in Pennsylvania and is the third-smallest by size. The county was formed on the 26th of September, 1789, derived from Chester County, and named in honour of its location on the Delaware River.

Delaware County is adjacent to the city-county of Philadelphia and is included in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD Metropolitan Statistical Area. Delaware County is the only county that is covered by area codes 610 and 484.

As per the U.S. Census Bureau, the county covers a size of 191 square miles (490 km2) comprising the area is 184 sq miles (480 km2)) is land, and 6.8 sq miles (18 km2) (3.5 3 %) comprises water. It is the third-smallest in Pennsylvania in terms of size.

Delaware County is roughly diamond or kite-shaped and has the four sides being formed from bordering the Chester County boundary to the northwest, and the boundary between the State of Delaware (apart from Delaware’s “Twelve-Mile Circle” to the southwest as well as to the southwest, Delaware River (forming the border with the state of New Jersey) to the southeast as well as the town that is Philadelphia as well as Montgomery County to the east and the northeast.

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